Andy Cubba

Golf Professional

Phone: 858-759-5520
Email: [email protected]

Andy Cubba has been Teaching and Coaching Golfers for over 8 years. He is on Staff with TaylorMade, a TPI Certified Instructor, Golf Academy of America Valedictorian, and University of Michigan Graduate. Andy is a “Match-Up” Teacher who works with students on the Hexagon of Golf Improvement: (1) Basic Full Swing (2) Short Game (3) Shot Making Skills (4) Course Management (5) Physical Fitness (6) Properly Fit Equipment.

Andy’s Philosophy “I believe that the relationship between a teacher and student is a partnership in sustaining long-term growth and understanding of the game and swing. Every student has unique physical gifts and a body-swing connection that is right for them. I consider it an honor to walk hand-in-hand with any golfer on their journey towards personal discovery, improvement, and fulfillment.”