Club Charities

Internationally known philanthropist Madeleine Pickens is committed to a number of charitable ventures. These include the United States military, military working dogs, and America's wild mustangs.

In appreciation for our servicemen and women, the club partners with many military organizations and sponsors exciting events & fundraisers throughout the year. Some of our past events have benefited organizations including the USO, Freedom is Not Free/Wounded Warrior Foundation, SEAL-Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation, Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation Support, The Blue Angels, The Flying Leathernecks, and many others.

In 2008, "Saving America's Mustangs" (SAM), a non-profit foundation for the protection and preservation of wild horses, was founded by internationally known philanthropist and equine authority Madeleine Pickens. It was Madeleine's dream to build an eco-preserve, aptly named "Mustang Monument", for these wild horses to preserve their American heritage. The foundation rallied Washington to gain the support of hundreds of thousands of concerned individuals.

Del Mar Country Club and Madeleine Pickens are actively involved in the care and protection of Military Working Dogs. These unsung heroes assist America's fighting men and women in their fight for freedom on battlefields all over the world. Through her efforts as well as those of many other patriots, these battle-tested warriors are now enjoying the retirement they so richly deserve.